Founder of 'Artworks' 2005- date


      Tutor for  Art Holiday;  Turkey 2014, Cornwall 2015


      Youth Inclusion Support Panel (YISP) - serious of art Workshops 2012                                                                                                                     


      Awarded Arts Award Access Fund 2011


      Cover Tutor for beginners Sculpture at London Art Academy, 2011


      Switch Cafe, Maidstone. Develop art classes for people with mental health

      issues, to encourage increase in confidence and self esteem.


      Sure  Start, Maidstone. To create an underwater fish painting with parents and young children under 5. Oct 2010


      Art Uniting People - County Hall, Maidstone.  2011-2012


      Golding Homes  Maidstone (2010)

      Casualty Art, Face painting and montype printing.


      Founder, Curator and Chairperson of Staplehurst Arts Festival Biennial


      The ethos behind the festival is the promotion of all forms of art, inclusivity not  

      exclusivity being one of the key aims. The festival is free to increase accessibility of high quality varied art.


      Ringlestone Youth Club (2009)

      Casualty art, printmaking and collage


      Winthrop Hall , Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation- Artist


        Facilitate creative workshops. Encourage self- expression and aid self-awareness

        of emotions through art by mark making, drawing, Painting and Collage . Use art

        to encourage group work, discussion and interaction in a relaxed informal way.

        Refer to CBT and 12  steps  to promote art as a healthy beneficial  hobby


      Harmony Centre – Maidstone (2007)

      Worked with youths to design and create stage set.


      Maidstone Arts Development , Making It Project (2007)


      Mascalls Gallery (2007)

      Curatorial assistant intern placement.



Nursing History

Bank Senior Nurse - Winthrop Hall (2007-2009)

Reinforcing cognitive behavioural therapy and AA 12 step program. Manage safe drug or alcohol detox. 


Practice Nurse (2002- 2011)

All duties expected of a senior practice nurse including; quit smoking advice, obesity advice,

immunisations, diabetic and asthma care, well women clinics, dressings and general health promotion.


Foster Carer (2000-2004)

I fostered 6 teenagers in total over a period of 4 years. The experience was invaluable & rewarding but not without its trials and tribulations.


Prior to year 2000 I worked as: A locum practice nurse; As a senior nurse in a womens drug and alcohol rehab; elderly care and various hospitals.


I left nursing in Dec 2011 to pursue a career in art.






























         Joanne Weaver Art works


My personal art is often but not always inspired by the human condition. Nursing and art have run parallel to each other  in my life for years, one practice has often informed the other.


As a nurse(RGN, 1989) and ex foster carer I have a wealth of experience working with people from all walks of life and across all ages.  As a freelance artist (Fine Art BA Hons, 2008) I am skilled at putting people at ease and providing creative non-threatening art classes,(artworks) where people enjoy the experience of experimental creativity, harnessing their individual ideas to realise work that brings about personal satisfaction. Through encouraging group work and communication I promote a supportive, positive environment, which helps to increase self-confidence.


       Event organisor Plein Air kent and Staplehurst Arts Festival